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GloBLD is an Arch-Data platform that combines design thinking and data technology

7204 JN Zutphen
The Netherlands

Structuring your data and easing the integration of building information models and management into your process.

GloBLD is a single source for the truth that facilitates the storage of data related to projects and assets in the Architecture, Engineering and construction industry.

Project data include budget, planning and research. Asset’s Data includes IFC models, Revit source files, documents, spreadsheets or images.


What is the EFL Academy?

Launched in January 2021, the EFL Academy is EFL’s online learning environment, offering exclusive courses on housing-related topics for our members and associates. 

Like the EFL webinars, the EFL Academy expands our knowledge-sharing and engagement services into the digital age. 

Courses are exclusively for the network and many are also offered by the network. If you'd like to contribute a course to the EFL Academy, get in touch with us at

See below for the latest courses available now!


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