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Tafkaoo is seit mehr als 15 Jahren ein Team, mit Büros in Berlin, Helsinki und Wien.

Tafkaoo Architects
Adolfstraße 4
D-13347 Berlin


TAFKAOO (The Architects Formerly Known as Otto and Oliver) Architects is an architecture studio directed by Otto Höller and Oliver Scheifinger for over 15 years, with offices in Berlin, Helsinki and Vienna. They were foundational in the creation of LiM (Living in Metropolises – the first European housing cooperative) and believe passionately in the importance of preserving and providing resources for the coming generations, their clients and partners.

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EFL is a unique network in Europe which combines the expertise and core activities of (social) housing companies, private companies and academic institutes. EFL has currently (2020) over 70 members and associates from 14 European countries.

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European Federation for Living
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As member or associate of EFL you get entrance to a unique network in the housing sector, offering opportunities for cooperation and doing business. Housing companies, both in the social housing and private sector can sign up as a member. Companies in the chain of value creation within the housing industry and development can apply for an asscoiated partnership. EFL is also open for scientific institutes and public organisations.

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