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EFL Expertise and THS sign LOI at Expo Real in Munich

by | Mar 23, 2015

Gelsenkirchen, Oktober 2008.

The German THS Concern (Gelsenkirchen) and EFL Expertise (Amsterdam) have signed a LOI in order to intensify their mutual cooperation in the consulting, planning and realisation of projects. The Dutch EFL Expertise functions as ‘platformorganisation’ of a small group of expertise offices which are specialised in durable urban development. By joining forces the partners seek to guarantee their innovation potentials in Europe. Concrete themes of which this group is actively consulting are passive house technology, the use of renewable energy in housing, but also strategies for social neighbourhood development in cities. EFL Expertsie is now involved to support THS by the planning of floating homes in the German town of Duisburg. Dutch knowledge and experiences with floating homes technology are transferred to Germany to make the first ‘floating home district of the Ruhrarea possible.


Photo: THS/Elschner, left Rob van der Leij and right THS Company Chief Prof. Karl-Heinz Petzinka.

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