What we do

EFL’s main workstreams


Promoting the strategic goals of each member.

Whether those goals are generating new business opportunities, improving know-how or achieving innovative breakthroughs,

EFL can offer a strong network of like-minded, proactive partners to call upon.


Providing a platform for transnational knowledge building and exchange.

We provide a number of communications channels, events and deliverables to ensure that housing practitioners and decision-makers at all levels have access to the knowledge and expertise they need to develop their housing projects.


Facilitating concrete project collaboration and implementation.

EFL is a network of “doers”. Knowledge and expertise-exchange is more than just an end in itself within EFL; it is the first step in a proactive process of transnational collaboration that leads to concrete actions and projects. 


Helping members to understanding access (EU) funding and policy.

We track developments in housing policy, in collaboration with partners such as Housing Europe and the EIB and keep members with the latest housing policy and EU funding news.

We also help members to apply for EU funding through our special EU Funding consultancy service.


EFL’s Activities and Outputs


1. Events and Seminars/Webinars, including regular webinars, site and study visits to cities, bi-annual EFL Awards, EFL conferences, and more.

2. Projects tackling key issues in the housing sector, such as financing climate renovation, led or facilitated by the EFL staff team.

3. Brochures and other publications on a diverse range of topics, collating members’ expertise and cutting edge research from the wider housing sector, including a number of housing policy and practice ‘toolkits’ and best-practice use-cases.

4. EFL Employee Exchange, offering members the opportunity to exchange staff between organisations to promote knowledge-sharing and collaboration.

5. EFL Monthly Newsletters, covering updates about network events and news, topic groups and project activities, and news from the wider housing sphere.

6. Members-only area on our website and MS Teams platform, facilitating knowledge exchange and discussion among members on an everyday basis.