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EFL is piloting a staff placement scheme. The goal is to give EFL member company employees the opportunity to visit other member companies for short professional stays of one to two weeks. We will learn from this and potentially expand it to longer stays and internships. We are also supporting the pilot with 5000 Euro EFL co-creation funding, available in travel grants of 500 per company for the first 10 stays arranged and submitted to EFL via the Agreement Form. Any fee-paying EFL member or associate can apply for the grant.

Stays may support :

General professional development

Learning on a particular theme

EFL Co-creation projects

Basic principles

  • One-to-two week professional stays at another EFL member company. They can be one-way, or two companies can do a staff-exchange.
  • Interested member companies should fill in an ‘Expression of Interest Form’ to help us build up list of options that will increase your choices about where to go! We need this information and it’s not a commitment.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the sending company (EFL travel grant of 500 euros available for the first 10 pilot placements)
  • Host companies must designate a mentor for the incoming staff member to ensure they are supported and introduced within the company.
  • Staff members must record a short video-report about their experience to be shared with the EFL community

Thinking of participating? Tell us your interests and provide us with a company contact

Please fill in this Google Form to help us build up our list of interested companies and make you and other members aware of potential options for exchanges. Filling it in is not a commitment to host an exchange. While the contact person you provide may receive an occasional email from EFL or another member company with an idea for a staff exchange, the decision to participate is always left up to the companies involved at the time. To propose an exchange, consult our growing contact list, and email the company you’re interested in, or ask EFL to suggest some options and introduce you.

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