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EFL is a housing network unlike any other. Combining knowledge, expertise and active co-creation for and from housing actors across Europe, we offer:

  1. A member-driven and oriented approach: a dynamic network driven by the passion and action of members, offering exclusive guidance, networking and facilitation to help members achieve their organisational goals.
  2. A uniquely interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral network, composed of housing professionals from across business, academia, and the public sector 
  3. A rich source of experience and knowledge from the housing sector, covering diverse topics, including digitalisation, affordability, innovation, construction, finance & investments, sustainable urban communities and EU funding.
  4. Diverse events and publications that pool and grow the knowledge of the network, such as webinars, tools, studies, reports, surveys, databases, conferences, study visits, summer schools and more.
  5. Collaborative housing projects that proactively translate the knowledge of the network into dynamic action across the EU.  
  6. An open and inclusive community with a diverse set of housing actors to connect with and learn from.

What our members and associates say about us

Having proudly chaired the highly active EFL Topic Group Finance since the beginning of 2016, I am still overwhelmed by the group’s creativity, productivity and open-mindedness.”

Hendrik Cornehl

Dr Klein Consultancy, Germany

“Being a member of EFL has been invaluable to Clúid. It has offered us the opportunity to meet with our counterparts right across Europe to exchange knowledge and best practice in the area of social and affordable housing”

Fiona Dunkin

Clúid Housing, Republic of Ireland

“At a time when we all face similar challenges, not only in Europe but all over the world, the EFL network’s collaborative projects and international support are especially valuable to us.”

Klemens Deinzer

Joseph-Stiftung Foundation, Germany

Network Composition


The European Federation of Living is a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) and member network, composed of organisations working in the housing sector:

Members: public, social or private housing companies in the affordable housing sector. Typical members are housing associations, housing cooperatives and public and private housing companies. EFL members are characterised by their offer of low to middle-income rental homes. 

Associated Partners: private and public-sector organisations working in the housing sector.

Academic Associated Partners: universities and research institutes.

Market segment

  • Architecture and engineering
  • Urban design / Architecture / Planning
  • Construction and Renovation
  • Technology (related to housing)
  • Social or care sector
  • Utilities, including energy supply and Installations
  • Digital industry
  • Property management
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Consultancy
  • Legal
  • Supply industry/ materials (facades, solar panels, windows, etc.)
Efl membership market segments

Membership fee (2020)


  1. Members: yearly contribution fee depends on the property portfolio under management. For the first-year, a 50% discount is provided.  Normal contribution ranges from 2,500 € to maximum 14,500 € (2020).
  2. Private companies: yearly contribution between 2,500 € – 5,000 €, depending on yearly turnover.
  3. Public or non-profit entities: yearly contribution fee between 2500-5000 €.
  4. Universities & Research Institutes: free membership for publicly financed academic institutions.

Fee: EFL is a non-profit organisation. Membership fees cover professional staff costs for the provision of services including, but not limited to: academic and research support, free participation at EFL bi-annual conferences (including all meals, drinks, bus-tours and site visits etc), topic group participation, free seminars and webinars, study visits, use of EFL’s digital library and access to all its brochures, project and knowledge-sharing facilitation. N.B: Travel costs from the member’s country of residence to EFL events are not covered.

Admission Criteria

The admission criteria for EFL members and associates are as follows:

EFL Members (Housing Providers):

  • Active as a supplier of affordable housing (includes housing companies with a share of market rent homes).
  • Supports the UN SDGs
  • Operating in the EFL member countries (all EU countries).
  • Minimum size of 2,500 units under management.
  • Financially sound.
  • Innovative and open to share own expertise and knowledge.

EFL Private and Public Sector Associates:

  • Supplier of products and services within the housing sector
  • Registered in an EU member state
  • Supports the UN SDGs
  • No minimum financial turnover or number of employees
  • Innovative (if private-sector)
  • Willing to actively participate in EFL topic groups, projects and events
  • Happy to support the growth of EFL through its own network

EFL Academic and Research Associates:

  • Reputable, accredited academic institution
  • Undertakes research within or related to the housing field
  • Registered in an EU member country
  • No minimum financial turnover or number of employees
  • Willing to actively participate in EFL events, projects and topic groups
  • Happy to support the growth of EFL through its own network

We convert new ideas into action.


EFL is results-driven and member-led. Our members are committed to working together to create concrete results – tangible, worthwhile projects. Together, we develop tools and services and co-operate in EU funded programmes. Our members and associates drive and shape our work: our staff act as facilitators, communicators, and consultants. Want access to our unique network of housing actors and projects?


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