Efl at a glance

What is EFL? 

The European Federation for Living (EFL) is a European network of housing associations, companies and experts working to create more affordable, sustainable housing. We have over 70 members and associates from 19 European countries, with a joint portfolio of more than 1.300,000 dwellings and business units across Europe.

We combine the shared knowledge of social housing providers – our members – with the cutting-edge thinking of leading universities, and the innovative work of private sector companies – our associate partners.

EFL's member-base is growing by the day...

The EFL network offers easy access to relevant insights, information and expertise from the European housing sector. Through events, research, and projects, we make sure our members and associates are at the forefront of innovating property and community development in Europe.

Mission & Vision



EFL’s vision is for its unique makeup of members to be at the forefront of sustainable and affordable housing development in Europe. We achieve this by providing our members with quicker and better access to research, innovation and funding than by any other route. 


EFL is a European Forum that aims to work in the interest of members to add value to their business through knowledge-sharing, co-creation and collective innovation. Through this, we seek to contribute to creating more affordable housing and sustainable neighbourhood development in Europe. 

The EFL Staff Team and Board

Members: public and private housing providers.

Private and Public Sector Associates: commercial companies and public sector organisations and institutes working in real-estate and housing.

Scientific Associates: academic experts in housing and urbanism.

Informal Partners: think tanks, lobbying organisations, NGO’s and other federations working in housing, engineering, construction, real-estate, architecture and (sustainable) urban development at the EU and sometimes international level.

We also regularly collaborate with other housing field actors working in housing and urbanism in general, like practitioners, students and policymakers at all levels (local, regional, national, EU, UN).


Our goal is to help members to…


  1. Provide diversified living and working areas for different target groups and income levels.
  2. Create more sustainable neigbourhoods.  
  3. Retrofit and modernise existing housing stock to make it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 
  4. Offer affordable but also profitable housing to tenants.
  5. Optimise business growth and long-term financial prospects.
  6. Facilitate high-quality design of developments in built-up and vacant areas.
  7. Gain access to EU and other sources of funding and subsidies to develop solo and collaborative housing projects.
  8. Achieve a suitable level of services for residents and users.
  9. Create sufficient employment and good conditions for setting up businesses for entrepreneurs.
  10. Digitise their working processes and business models. 

EFL actively supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In particular:

  • SDG 1: No poverty 
  • SDG 7: Affordable and Clean Energy 
  • SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities 
  • SDG 13: Climate Action 
  • SDG 17: Partnerships (the heart of EFL)
Un sdgs
 EFL’s Brand Values

  • Member-driven: a dynamic network driven by the passion and action of members 
  • Member-oriented: exclusive guidance, networking and facilitation for members  
  • Thinkers: exchanging knowledge and expertise across borders 
  • Doers: proactively translating knowledge into dynamic action  
  • Collaborators: cooperating and collaborating on international projects 
  • Open and approachable: we have a friendly, no-nonsense attitude and welcome all housing actors who want to be involved in the network

We convert new ideas into action.


EFL is results-driven and member-led. Our members are committed to working together to create concrete results – tangible, worthwhile projects. Together, we develop tools and services and co-operate in EU funded programmes. Our members and associates drive and shape our work: our staff act as facilitators, communicators, and consultants. Want access to our unique network of housing actors and projects?


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