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EFL Member Eigen Haard on Dutch TV Series “The Housing Corporation”

by | Mar 23, 2015

The Amsterdam Housing Corporation “Eigen Haard”  stands in the spotlight in the TV series ”De Wooncorporatie”  (the Housing Association). 

The series starts Tuesday 13 March at 19,25 hours and will be transmitted weekly for the ten coming weeks. The broadcast station is Nederland 1.  Employees of “Eigen Haard” have been followed in recent months with the TV camera filming their daily work. The result is the ten-part television series “The Wooncorporatie” from the NCRV (Dutch broadcast organisation). The series gives a special but realistic picture of their daily work. You can see how their employees solve problems and put their heart and soul to the living enjoyment of the residents and tenants.

Besides the daily ups and downs of the colleagues, the spectator will be introduced to the residents, each with its own story. In the districts where the series is filmed live more than a hundred different nationalities. Each district is home to people from different backgrounds, lifestyles and experiences. Each episode offers a fascinating image with moving, confronting and funny moments.

Social responsibility
The docusoap shows where Eigen Haard stands for: close to their customers and with a strong social involvement. Eigen Haard is particularly proud that their tenants and employees in this docusoap are at the forefront. And besides the stories itself, it brings the Dutch social housing industry on a positive way in the spotlights.

The Wooncorporatie is to be seen from Tuesday, March 13 ten in episodes on network Netherlands 1.

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