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EFL members Gewobag and ICF Habitat winners of European Responsible Housing Awards

by | Dec 1, 2016

During the European Responsible Housing Awards (EHIN) ceremony on 23 November 2016 in Brussels, Gewobag (Berlin) and ICF Habitat (Paris) have been awarded the first place in the categories “Responsible Human Resources Management” and “Environmental Sustainability” respectively.

The project “Vocational Training – Key Factor for Successful Integration of Fled People” was the winning entry delivered by Gewobag.  As a Berlin-based residential housing company, Gewobag has been involved for many years with numerous measures for the successful integration of people with a migration background. With a multi-stage pilot project, young fugitives are intensively looked after on their way to vocational training, during and afterwards. The main focus will be the acquisition of the German language and a commercial training with a long-term perspective at Gewobag. As a support, a fiancée godfather or a godmother will be at the side of every fugitive throughout the time.

The Paris based housing company ICF Habitat La Sablière was awarded the European Responsible Housing Trophy in the category of “environmental sustainability” for the implementation of an innovative hot water production solution in a 300-unit social dwelling building, in Paris 14th. This award recognizes the company’s commitment to the implementation of innovative approaches to influence the energy performance of its heritage.

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