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EFL Partnership finished Interreg Call for EU Funding

by | Mar 23, 2015

A group of 14 European companies delivered on October 7 the finished application of an EU -Interreg subsidy. Lead partner of the consortium IStay@Home is the Joseph Stiftung, member of the European Federation for Living. The projects goal is to realize an ICT platform for European housing companies, filled with ICT based solutions for the improvement of independent living for elderly people. Apart from a “wiki”based overview of all available products and services in the field of home automation and domotics, the platform will be able to connect tenants with (care) service providers and other intelligent solutions. The EFL was responsible for the search and commitment of partner companies within the consortium.

The following organisations are partner:

Belgium: De Ideale Woning (Antwerp) and Volkshaard (Gent)

Germany:  Housing Foundation Joseph Stiftung (Bamberg) , SOPHIA Franken (Bamberg), Rheinwohnungsbau (Düsseldorf), Aareon (Mainz), EBZ Business School (Bochum).

France: Vilogia (Lille), Foyer Remois (Reims), Intent Technologies (Paris/ Brussels)

Netherlands: De Woonplaats (Enschede), Staedion (The Hague), Smart Homes (Eindhoven)

UK: Habinteg housing association (London)


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