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EFL Publication Financing  Affordable Housing in Europe

by | Nov 10, 2016

The European Federation for Living (EFL) recently published a comprehensive overview about financing and funding instruments for affordable housing in Europe.

The report provides a quick introduction in the financial framework of each connected country within EFL.

Depending on the country and the maturity of it’s financial system, both public, semi public and private financing options (capital market funding) are covered. The report is therefore a vital and up to data source for all those who are interested in the housing finance systems across Europe. It reflects clearly the differences based on a country’s legal, cultural, financial, economic and regulatory policies.

Besides country overviews, the report also presents company profiles from within EFL. Readers get a snapshot insight in the core business of each individual member company. And last but not least you find our own developed financial ‘Key Performance Indicator’ as benchmark tool for European housing companies.

The publication is developed by the Topic Group “Finance & Investment ” , chaired by Hendrik Cornehl (DR KLEIN Firmenkunden AG, Germany). The report is edited by Ad Hereijgers, consultant at EFL Expertise and bureau 073 (Netherlands).


Free download of the report ? Click HERE.

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