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European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) Conference Tirana- 4-6 September 2017

by | Aug 22, 2017


The theme of the ENHR2017 conference is: “Affordable Housing for All! – Redefining the Roles of Public and Private Sectors”.

Housing affordability has become a growing problem after the 2008 financial and economic crisis. Policy makers at all levels: global, national, regional, municipal, or at community associations are striving to respond to the growing issue of affordable housing for all. The questions if housing is a basic need, a right, an entitlement, a public good, or is it just a consumer choice, a commodity or an investment within the free market – still remain a dichotomy of politicians on the left and right sides. There is a general agreement that everyone should have a decent and affordable home but the ways to reach this goal are still unclear.


This conference will be a perfect platform to open a local and European debate with practical values that goes beyond academic and scientific purposes and will benefit national agenda and the whole Europe.

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