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Groundbreaking concept Intergenerational Living. EFL member Setlementiassunot delivers Generations Block in Helsinki

by | Mar 20, 2017

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The Finnish housing association Setlementiassunot (Helsinki) finalized it’s multi generation block in the City of Helsinki. This newly completed development consists of 3 buildings and a total of 262 homes. The 3 buildings are interconnected and enabling all residents to move within the living block. Offering a great amount of communal space, the residents are highly encouraged to meet and join in collective activities. The building offers a  ‘theatre stage’ for performances , a communal sauna, a gym and other rooms for shared actviities. The idea with the building is that enabling enough opportunities for meeting each other, people of different age groups live more together. A community feeling, very common in small communities, is now available in a big city as Helsinki.

A very informative VIDEO– in english language- is here available.


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