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New EFL project: Digital innovation for Sustainable and Intergenerational living

by | Dec 22, 2017

Across Europe the challenges of an ageing population and of ageing buildings are being felt. They place a strain on housing, care and welfare systems and on environmental sustainability. Most importantly of all, people’s ability to remain well and to live independently is directly affected by the solutions we develop and the decisions we take.

Project Ambition

During the last decade we have seen an increased political focus on housing for the elderly and many environmental goals have been set; but the turning point is still to come. European Federation for Living (EFL) is launching a new project which aims to bring together learning and expertise from among housing providers, innovative companies and Universities to identify and share the most effective technical and organisational solutions. The goal will be to enable people to live comfortably and independently in their own home and at the same time to achieve cost and environmental impact reductions from buildings and the way they are used.
This project will examine six innovation areas that relate to these challenges.

1. Big data
2. Energy and behavioral change
3. Service platform
4. Usability
5. Integrated care
6. Fall prevention

Are you interested to participate in this project ? Please download the full project proposal HERE.

  1. Technology manufacturers –  If you have or are developing innovative new equipment which fits within the parameters of our project, we would like to hear from you.  We will work with you to provide the environment in which your device can be tested to provide evidence of its effectiveness in supporting sustainable living and better use of homes.
  2. Housing providers – We want to hear about technological innovations that housing providers are already using in their homes to support sustainable living.  Where these have been successful, we will want to share experience and look to gather further evidence of their impact.  We are also looking for housing providers to work with us to test new technology in their homes and demonstrate the benefits that they can bring.
  3. Universities/researchers – Providing a solid evidence base will be highly important in convincing policy makers, investors and customers of the benefits of the positive difference that technology can make to sustainable living.  We want to work with universities and other researcher establishments to develop this evidence base and share knowledge to promote the adoption of technology in people’s homes.
  4. Investors – We want to work with potential investors to help us realise the potential of technology in aiding sustainable living.  If you have financial resources which could support our project and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes, please get in touch.

Project Management: 

Project Leader Mike Ward 

Project Manager Petra Saudi

Project Consultant Glenn Allum.



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