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Polylogis Group from Paris newest member of EFL

by | Mar 23, 2015

During the General Assembly in The Hague (november 30 2012), the French PolyLogis Group has been welcomed as the newest member of EFL. The total number of members has now grown to 18,  including four new members in 2012.

Polylogis is one of the largest housing companies from France, managing a housing portfolio of more than 60.000 units and a construction rate of over 2.000 appartments per year. PolyLogis Group is represented in the northwest of France, the west part and in the south. With a yearly turnover of about 390 million euro, the average rent level is about 540€ per month.

The company is an active participant in European projects: currently Logirep, one of the subsidiaries from Paris, leads the European project “SHELTER”.

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