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Re2Fit – EFL members waiting for feedback on Horizon 2020 proposal

by | Mar 28, 2015

It is widely known that in Europe existing buildings are predominantly of low energy performance and subsequently in need of refurbishment work. But the badly insulated residential buildings in Europe are not only an environmental problem: in social housing, whether private or public, subsidized or market regulated, this represents also an acute social problem such as fuel poverty.

To cope with this challenge, a consortium of 22 partners from ten European countries, including EFL members and associates Vilogia, Logirep (Groupe Polylogis), Intent Technologies and TU Delft set up the project “RE2FIT” (Residential Retrofitting for Energy Efficiency Featuring cost-effective Integrated Technologies) to offer innovative packs of retrofitting solutions to building owners and to contractors alike. In concrete, RE2FIT will deliver among others rapid assessment tools, technology decision help tools, innovative integrated building technologies and whole life cycle management and ICT tools to trigger a massive impact to the market of high performance energy efficient refurbishment in the residential sector. All these tools will be integrated and demonstrated during the project lifespan.

 For support, the consortium submitted on 4 February 2015 a complete project proposal within the Horizon 2020 “EeB 8-2015 – Integrated approach to retrofitting of residential buildings” call and is now waiting for feedback.

In case of success, part of the project is to set up an “RE2FIT SHO group” which is expected to become first adopters of the project approach and technologies which is a preliminary market target for the solutions developed in the project. 

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