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Successful EFL Conference in London

by | Mar 23, 2015

The European Federation for Living convened between 13 and 15 November in London. Hosting organisation Circle Housing ( and EFL organized a very interesting conference with over 60 participants from 6 european countries. The Key Note speech was delivered by Domenico Rossetti Val d’Albero, principal Administrator from the Directorate General of the European Commission and responsible for Horizon 2020, the newest EU funding program for the period 2014-2020. Mr. Rossetti highlighted this program, focussing on the competetiveness of Europe, innovation and sustainable development. For EFL there are good chances to deliver project proposals for funding.

During the conference, new topic groups have been installed. In 2014 and beyond, members and associates will share knowledge on the following topics:

  1. Energy Saving in existing residential real estate
  2. EU Funds for the husing industry
  3. Developments in Smart Technologies and ICT
  4. New Financing instruments for the Social Housing sector
  5. Accessible Housing for elderly and disabled people
  6. Social Return on Investment / CSR policy

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