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The Henningsdorfer Way: more affordable housing for Berlin’s neighboring town Hennigsdorf

by | Aug 29, 2017


More price-fixed apartments in Hennigsdorf

Housing Company HWB (and EFL member) from the town Hennigsdorf (close to Berlin North Western border),  the Brandenburger Investment Bank ILB , te Ministery of Infrastructure and Agriculture and the local authority are developing a common concept for the long-term securing and construction of housing for households with low and middle incomes.

For people in Hennigsdorf with low and middle income it is difficult to find a flat, suitable for their budget. In order to counter this trend, the Hennigsdorfer Wohnungsbaugesellschaft mbH (HWB), the Investment Bank of Brandenburg (ILB), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Agriculture (MIL) and the local authority of Hennigsdorf have jointly developed the “Hennigsdorfer Way”. This concept is intended to secure a price-fixed housing for the long term and to allow the construction of 100 additional flats to enable socially acceptable rents. More information in attached Press Release (in english). 

You can view the complete building project via the Youtube link.

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