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Topic Group Energy Efficient Housing & EU Grants on 19 April in Delft

by | Apr 5, 2016

Energiesprong, the revolutionary Dutch approach to a mass net zero energy retrofit market, based on 30 year performance guarantees, one week installation times and no government subsidies. All while focussing on home comforts as much as on energy efficiency.

Agenda click HERE. Registration for the meeting at prof. Henk Visscher (see agenda).

In the Netherlands the national programme Energiesprong has initiated in the recent years a new concept for renovation of social and private houses to net zero dwellings (“0-on-the-meter”). Some projects have already been realised and many others are being developed. The concept consists of innovative techniques for insolation, efficient heating and renewable energy generation, the use of prefabricated elements, short renovation processes, integrated building processes, new financial models and energy use performance guarantees. see:

For our TG programme experts are invited that are involved in these projects to give presentations about their experiences and show the cases. Also EFL member Van der Ley Construction  is involved in the development of these projects and they will present their experiences.

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