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Topic Group Social Domain in Bolzano

by | Dec 2, 2015

The EFL Topic Group Social Domain, in close cooperation with the Eurhonet topic group Social Integration, assembled on 25 and 26 November in Bolzano (Italy). The main topic of the meeting was ‘resident involvement’ within the social and public housing sector. Hosting organization ‘IPES Bolzano’, the regional public housing company fully owned by the Province of Alto Adige/ South Tyrol in the very North of Italy, introduced the attendees to their ‘housing distribution model’ and rental system. Both are very different with the practice in countries like Germany, Netherlands or UK.

Basically people in need of a public dwelling can apply during two months per year (September & October), resulting in a ‘waiting list’ for the following year. Allocation of apartments follows public regulatory rules for urgency. The monthly rental price is based on financial affordability for tenants, ranging between 0€ (! ) and 650 € per month.  A system of housing allowance/ individual housing subsidy for tenants is in Italy non existent.

During the Field visit different (social) projects have been visited. Ranging from a ‘workers hostel’, rented out to minority groups with a job in the City of Bolzano, the demolished so called ‘semirurali’ neighborhood, constructed during the Fascist period of ‘Italianizing South Tyrol’ to  new highly energy efficient housing. Furthermore the group visited to examples of  cooperation with social services and the housing provider.

Company information about IPES Bolzano can be downloaded HERE.

During the second day of the meeting, EFL and Eurhonet members presented their activities related to ‘customer involvementand ‘ community investment’.  As exchanging experiences and best practices is the main focus of this Topic Group, this was a very instructive morning.

Presentations were provided by:

  • Bolton at Home, Marc Turnbull-  an UK based housing association. Link to presentation HERE.
  • De Woonplaats, Johan Oude Breuil- a Dutch Housing association from Enschede, presentation HERE
  • GEWOBAG, Franzica Zeisig- a German Public Housing Company from Berlin, presentation 
  • Eigen Haard,Joost Nieuwenhuijzen for Elke Heidrich, a Dutch Housing Association, presentation HERE.
  • Photographic impression:





Further impressions on EFL’s Facebook site.


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