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Topic Group Social Domain

by | Oct 18, 2016


On November 17 and 18 the EFL Topic Group Social Domain (EFL) together with the Topic Group Social Intergration (Eurhonet) meet in Lyon. Hosting organisation is housing company Vilogia. 

Site Visit:

During the first day the group will visit two project sites of Vilogia in Lyon: ‘Lyon La Valloniere’ and ‘Lyon Confluence’. The project La Valloniere shows three independent buildings with murals in a coherent system.  The examples of social innoviation show a joint process of cooperation with tenants to create murals on existing buildings .The mural artists of Cité Creation help to give the neighbordhood a new face. For an impression click HERE
The three works of monumental mural design represent a coherent course while respecting the identity and history of the people of each building.


The second day (Friday 18 November) will have the form of a project workshop about housing and integration of migrants. Our EFL-member Ms Janina Kleist from EBZ in Bochum/Germany will introduce their European research project “Integration in Local Urban Neighbourhoods”.


Download the program and agenda HERE.

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