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Dr. Klein is an independent provider of financial services for private and institutional clients.https://www.drklein-wowi.de/

Dr. Klein is an independent provider of financial services for private and institutional clients. For private clients, Dr. Klein identifies the ideal products to suit their individual finance-related requirements. Around 600 experts offer advice focusing on all issues relating to mortgage financing, insurance policies and retirement planning. The service is provided over the internet and in more than 200 branch offices. The company is not affiliated to any specific providers. Dr. Klein & Co. AG has been a preferred partner for the provision of financial services to the residential property industry, municipal clients and commercial real estate investors since 1954. Dr. Klein offers its institutional clients comprehensive support, competent advice and customised concepts for financial and portfolio management and business-related insurance policies. Its client-oriented consulting expertise and long years of working closely with all well-known credit and insurance companies ensure that Dr. Klein always has the simplest access to the best possible financial services. Dr. Klein is wholly owned by Hypoport AG, the internet-based financial services provider that is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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