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Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa

Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa
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The aim of IWO e.V. is to promote the co-operation of private and public enterprises and organizations as well as private people of in and foreign country and to bundle their activities in the range of the development of free market structures to the building and housing industry to central and Eastern Europe.

IWO (Initiative Wohnungswirtschaft Osteuropa) – Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe – is an association of private and public partners who aim at a market-oriented and ecological development of the housing and construction economy in Eastern Europe. Focusing on different participants from various fields, IWO pursues a comprehensive approach. The co-ordination of the experiences and solutions offered by the participants regarding business management, technology, energy and financing, shall enable a sustainable and in each case repeatable know-how-transfer for all specific customers. It also shall contribute to the development and implementation of projects and programmes within the housing and construction economy.

The main targets of the Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe as a registered society are as follows:

  • Initiation of and participation in the development and implementation of repeatable model and pilot projects within the housing and construction economy in Eastern Europe;
  • Participation in the conception and preparation of housing projects and programmes on the basis of pilot projects. The target is a broad and sustainable development of the housing economy in Eastern Europe especially considering energy savings and the reduction of CO2-emission;
  • Assistance in institution building and legislation aiming at market-oriented structures;
  • Advanced training and education programmes within the housing and construction sector.
  • Website: http://www.iwoev.org 

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