Year plan 2020
Efl year plan 2020 with budget lr 3
The European Federation for Living (EFL) is a unique professional network in the affordable housing sector. Unique, because there are no other networks in which affordable housing providers, private partners in the supply chain of housing, professional housing networks and academic partners work structurally together.

EFL’s core mission is about sharing knowledge, learning from each other, inspiration and creating value out of the membership. EFL members work together in topic groups, initiate projects, apply for European funds, improve their business by learning from the start up industry, study housing markets in European cities and educate their staff. And above all, EFL members share a common vision to improve the living conditions of people in their homes and neighbourhoods and keep housing affordable for all!Over the years EFL has grown considerably. We are currently at a point to look forward, harvest the lessons learned from the past and adapt our strategy for the future. The aims and ambitions of our members and associated partners stand in the foreground. Therefore we held in 2019 a member survey to learn about the ideas of our member community. The output of this survey will be used to develop our key ambitions for the next five year.This Yearplan 2020 presents the ideas and activities ………..