Dr. Ing. Ulrich Santa

Casa Clima Agency is Italy’s largest and most progressive energy agency. It has developed a certification system which allows professional building owners/ landlords, to design, calculate, measure and certify both new residential real estate as well as for renovation. It is already used for 20.000 residential projects throughout Italy. During the first course, the director of Clima Casa, Mr. Ulrich Santa, will explain the following topics:

  • Introduction to the activities of the Casa Clima Agency
  • Major aspects of climate neutral construction
  • Support Tools: Casa Clima Guidelines for energy efficient buildings and Casa Clima Software (free of use)
  • Guidelines include
  • Technical – materials
  • Quality audits
  • Energy efficiency of the building envelope
  • Overall energy performance
  • Comfort
  • Casa Clima Nature certification: one step further. Includes essential aspects for design and certification for health, acoustics, indoor air quality, water use and LCA materials
  • Casa Clima R Standard: guidelines for renovations plus example in City of Bolzano