Bewoners k buurt krijgen hun zin en een politiek slagveld


Hosted by EFL partner the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) at their central Amstelcampus, this interactive event will bring international affordable housing professionals together to workshop shared challenges related to both the built and digital design, and the social elements of neighbourhood regeneration. Guided by a site visit and talks from local stakeholders, our participants will develop recommendations for an innovative planned neighbourhood redevelopment in Amsterdam’s diverse and dynamic South East. Topics include resident involvement in planning, creating social value through neighbourhood regeneration, affordable tenure mix, and managing work, retail, cultural and other non-housing spaces for today’s changing needs. Next to the field visit and interactive workshops, we also have speakers on neuroarchitecture for quality, human-scale public spaces (Professor. Frank Suurenbroek), speakers from the City and social housing sector on affordable housing finance and construction for Amsterdam’s high pressure market, and EFL members from London and Paris sharing their urban renewal challenges and strategies.

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