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The EFL Topic Group Construction and Architecture convened from 3 to 5 April in Brussels, hosted by housing association Dimensa and prepared by Sven van de Vijver.The meeting started with insightful visits to the European Commission, which included a presentation about the New European Bauhaus (NEB). This was followed by a presentation of the architect Philippe Samyn of the new building of the European Council.  The second day the group attended several site visits, where sustainable construction, cicular construction, wood construction and 3 D Printed buildings were demonstrated at Flanders innovation center Kamp C. In the afternoon we visited the construction company Skilpod, specialised in offsite modular construction. Complete affordable homes are realised within the four walls of this company, to be transported to the end location in Belgium and the Netherlands. On the last day, we focussed on ways to reduce the ever mounting costs for construction and renovation. Particularly the contributions from France, presented by topic group leader Fabien Lassserre (Vilogia) and from Berlin by Topic Group leader Thorsten Schulte (Gewobag), showed efficient ways to keep the costs in control. All presentations are available via this link.