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DW Magazine : first European Housing Cooperative (“LiM”) founded

by | Feb 18, 2019

The German housing magazine “DW- Die Wohnungswirtschaft” published in February 2019 a 2 page article about the foundation of LiM- Living in Metropolises. This European housing cooperative has been founded within the EFL community by housing association “1892” from Berlin. Founding father Dirk Lönnecker, author of the article, states that the growing demand for affordable housing is a common characteristic for most European cities. As social housing organisations cover the demand for low income households, the lower middle income groups who fail to afford own property but earn to much for social housing, are the traditional target group of housing cooperatives. The demand for non profit rental housing is consequently very high from groups who form the base for each city’s well being: teachers, civil servants, policemen, nurses and employees. LiM aims to serve these groups in European cities and started it’s first project in Berlin. In Berlin Treptow- Köpenick, not far from the new airport BER , a building of 29 appartments will be realized as LiM first building. In the future new projects are expected to be realized in Netherlands, Austria , France and possibly more. The interest in LiM from diverse European cities is overwhelmingly. 

The (German) article can be downloaded HERE.

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