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EFL Autumn Conference 20 – 22 October 2021: Book your room in Stuttgart now!

The EFL Autumn Conference 2021 will take place in Stuttgart, Germany on 20 – 22 October 2021.

Based on the vaccine progress of European countries and their plans for ‘opening up’ towards the summer, we are looking forward to our first in-person event after a year and a half of being apart.

The theme is ‘Vibrant & Sustainable Urban Neighbourhoods in the 21st Century. The agenda/programme will, as usual, include a site visit and several workshops, as well as informal opportunities to network and exchange. Speakers are: prof. dr. Hubert Klumpner, Andreas Hofer, dr. Steffen Wetzstein, and ir. Marije Raap.

We recommend to book a hotel room at the Maritim Hotel Stuttgart for easier networking! But you are free to stay at another hotel if you please. 

Register for the conference to let us know you’ll be attending here. Please note: the deadline for registration is: 1 October 2021.