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EFL Seminar on Energy Efficient Retrofitting of Buildings on April 26

by | May 3, 2018


The challenge to improve the energetic quality of residential buildings is huge. It’s one of  the main investment priorities of housing companies. During the seminar in Essen, we will share the latest experiences of EFL members with upgrading buildings. Examples from France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Sweden will be shared. Furthermore, the results of EU funded innovation projects will be presented and discussed. Take a look at the DREEAM project and Abacadabra. Highly interesting insights will be offered. We will also share the experiences of EFL associate ISTA, the global leader in energy efficiency. PropTech innovator, Egain, from Sweden will introduce the participants in cost saving ways for housing companies in the latest innovation of energy measurement and reduction of energy use >20%.

Receive inspiration, new knowledge, and discussion with peers at the seminar in Essen on the 26th of April. Find the program here.

We will offer a complementary dinner the evening of the 25th of April.

Registration: please follow this link.

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