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Highly succesful EFL Spring Conference in Copenhagen

by | May 20, 2019

The EFL Conference in Copenhagen (May 14-16) hosted by EFL member BO-VEST, and themed “Governance in the non-profit Housing Sector’, proved to be a highly successful and well attended event in a great atmosphere of cooperation and mutual friendship. Over two days, EFL members and associates explored key governance-related themes, including an in depth look at the Danish governance model, characterized by ‘tenant democracy’. This system, in which both the ownership of the homes and their asset and property management is controlled by the tenants, is unique in Europe. The conference also explored the governance of co-creation, with the keynote speech delivered by Jesper Nygard, CEO of Realdania, Denmark’s largest philanthropic institution. Their efforts to catalyse collective action for sustainable development of the built environment offered inspiration and new ideas, both for our members and for EFL itself. Interesting site visits to new development areas “Resource Rows” (circular construction) and Dortheavej offered insight into Danish efforts to create a sustainable city. 

Interactive workshops on learning from failure in corporate governance; on using modular and off-site production to increase housing affordable housing supply, and on people-centred urban design provided opportunities for the international exchange of visions and experiences. The second day focused primarily on keeping members informed about ongoing projects, our topic groups and new developments within the organisation. ‘ Great sunny weather and some amazing local food made these days an unforgettable experience. Thanks to the BO-VEST organisation and their staff for their fantastic support!

EFL members and associates can view the presentations at the conference using this link.


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