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Implications for housing providers: the Grenfell fire in London webinar

by | Mar 21, 2018

On January 31, EFL Associated  Partner Campbell Tickell in cooperation with EFL European Federation for Living, hosted a webinar on the implications for housing providers of the Grenfell Fire.

During this fire in London, early 2017,a total number of 71 people lost their life and hundreds lost their home. The consequences were dramatic.

The Grenfell fire does certainly not stand alone. Over the last few decades a number of high rise residential buildings across Europe have been hit by fire, resulting in many casualties. A quarter of EU population live in buildings with 10 dwellings or more. Many tower blocks are decades old. The situation is particularly present in Eastern European countries where shares of over 30% of the dwellings in multi storey blocks are very common.

In the UK the first responses to this tragedy included independent review of building regulations and immediate focus on residents’ health and safety. Removing of exterior cladding was a key measure to reduce the risks of fire in likewise buildings.

This resulted in high costs for the landlords and consequently reduced energy efficiency and thus higher energy costs for the tenants.

Property owners with high numbers of high rise buildings also needed to focus their investments on the existing stock. Major renovations have taken place or are planned for the short time, including the installation of sprinkler systems.

This reduces the investment capacities for new construction and affects it’s residents with higher service costs.

As the UK is facing a housing market crises with high levels of demand and corresponding price rises new contruction is quite eminent.

How does the sector response to these challenges and which advises can be provided by the specialists from Campbell Tickell ? How relevant is this situation for other countries ?

To get some of these questions answered and to hear how the government responded to the fire and it’s implications  on social housing policy is presented in the webinar. Greatly performed by Greg Campbell. Link to webinar . Powerpoint slides click HERE 

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