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New EFL Brochure about Refugee Housing : Effective Policies in Bristol

by | Feb 5, 2018

The EFL topic group, Social Domain, and the Eurhonet group, Social Integration, conducted a conjoined, two-day meeting where participants studied and discussed the city of Bristol’s welcome and integration of refugees and status-holders. Group members conferred on the relevance and effectiveness of the city’s approach and presented best practices from other European countries. The brochure presents European and UK facts on refugee housing, followed by best practices from the City of Bristol.

The ASHLEY COMMUNITY HOUSING APPROACH has been used as example of how a very active organisation supports with long term solutions and housing provision. “While there is undoubtedly a humanitarian angle to refugee resettlement, ACH looks beyond the short-term response. We see refugees as people with talents, skills, and aspirations,assets which will boost our economy and enrich our communities. We do not focus on the story of how they came to be here. We focus on where they want to be.

Read more in attached publication.


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