Building smart citiy 1


A historic day for the Planet Smart City Group. In the presence of institutional representatives from the political and academic worlds, as well as leading figures from the real estate world, our company cut the ribbons of the new Competence Centre in Turin, a 4,000 square metre structure housing over 350 professionals committed to designing the real estate of tomorrow. See HERE the short video of the event.

During the day, our Chairman, Stefano Buono, also spoke, emphasising the role of the Competence Centre as a driving and aggregating factor for innovation that starts in Turin and spreads throughout the world. In his speech, our CEO Gianni Savio emphasised the importance of integrating innovative functions to generate a revolutionary change for the industry on digital transformation, decarbonisation and social inclusion. Pietro Putetto, CEO of Planet Advisory, emphasised the importance of the Competence Centre as a point of convergence of different disciplines that bring digital innovation closer to people’s needs, creating a sustainable and inclusive residential offer. Time was also devoted to telling the story of the storied building now housing our Competence Centre, its peculiarities and the project behind our new offices in Turin, as highlighted by Graziella Roccella, Chief Research and Product Design Officer. The opening of the Competence Centre was also an opportunity to announce the launch of a Steering Committee promoted by Planet Smart City and the Politecnico di Torino to position Turin’s city network as a hub for the design and implementation of Smart Buildings, Smart Districts for real estate developers, and Smart City projects for public administrations. This initiative is designed to bring together all the players and companies in our field, facilitating synergy between operators and start-ups through innovative programmes and promoting access to national and international resources and tenders on smart building/district/city issues, particularly ESG and Proptech. The new Steering Committee will make it possible for all the experts and specialised organisations in Turin to network in a single platform, pooling the skills and professionalism of different players with a single objective: to outline a new supply chain for urban innovation, offering the world of real estate developers and public bodies guidance services for the design and construction of large sustainable and digitised complexes. At the end of the presentation, a guided tour allowed guests to discover and appreciate the value of our offices and get an exclusive overview of our work and the many skills that find their full expression here