Podcast Dirk Lönnecker about LiM Living in Metropolises

by | Aug 30, 2021

The first apartment building of the first European Housing Cooperative LiM, Living in Metropolises, is almost finished. The building is realised in the Ewaldstrasse in Berlin. LiM has been founded by EFL member ” Wohnungsgenossenschaft1892″ from Berlin. The Director of of the Board of LiM, Dirk Lönnecker, explains in this podcast the history of the creation of LiM, his personal motivations in relation to the global cooperative movement, and the succes of the first project in Berlin. Furthermore he explains new projects of LiM which will be realised in Jelgava (near Riga in Latvia) and in Helsinki. The podcast is only available in German and has recently been published by the German Magazine DW Die Wohnungswirtschaft. Please find here the link to the podcast.

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