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Project Idea Housing Cooperative LiM – New models for cooperative housing

by | Oct 29, 2018

This year  the German housing cooperative 1892 (Berlin based) and partners have set up the SCE (European limited liability company) Living in Metropolises (LiM). The ambition is to launch at an international level a new concept and communal not-for-profit company that promotes housing solutions.  LiM has the form of an European Housing Cooperative.

This concept note provides a specific suggestion for an application for European co-funding with (from our perspective) high potential of success. The Interreg programme(s) were scanned, resulting in a short-term opportunity in the ´North West Europe´ programme, with stage-1 deadline November 22. The programme offers 60% funding over direct staff costs and expenses (+15% overheads), in key LiM countries. 

Are you interested in the participation in a consortium which aims to further develop cooperative projects in North West Europe , together will LiM ?

Please indicate you interest to Dirk Loennecker, Board of LiM.

Please find the project idea by this link


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