Woonzorg Nederland is a social housing organization with a unique target group: the elderly. In order to make their real estate portfolio completely CO2 neutral, Woonzorg Nederland has set up three programmes. In this interview with Lucien Palmboom, you will read about how Woonzorg Nederland is working on its sustainability goals and ambitions. Earlier this year, EFL published an interview with Ilse van Andel about the circular ambitions and projects of social housing organization Eigen Haard.

More on circularity and sustainability
EFL is involved as a partner in the Interreg NWE funded project CHARM. This project is executing circular strategies in renovation and new build construction. This is being done by four social housing organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and the UK. Recently, an article on the project ‘virtually plastic-free houses’ of CHARM partner Accord Housing Association was published by Renda. Renda is a Dutch network for professionals in the social housing sector.