Efl exchange forum (3)


On Tuesday the 30th of November from 11:00 to 12:15 hours (CET), we are organising a webinar to launch our EFL Exchange Forum and our 2022 Co-Creation process. The Forum will support members to communicate around key challenges for affordable housing practice, collaborative projects, and funding opportunities. In 2022, international staff placements and internship opportunities will also be made accessible. Leading up to the November 30th webinar, EFL members with proposals for collaborative projects will post invitations to join.

EFL Exchange Forum
During the session, we’ll show you where to find these invitations on the Forum, how to add proposals of your own, share a problem you’d like advice on, join a debate, or apply for EFL collaborative project funds. We’ll also present ideas from our Autumn conference workshop on how to develop the Forum and plans for a Spring Co-Creation event in Amsterdam. Member access to the EFL Exchange Forum should come via this link providing you are signed into the EFL website. Feel free to post under the threads already set up, and please join us for the webinar when more content will be ready.

More information
Questions? Interest in contributing to the webinar? Please contact Lucie, Anita, or Joost. The webinar will be moderated by Anita Blessing and Joost Nieuwenhuijzen. Several of our members will join.