Topic Group: Construction

The topic Group Construction consists of technical housing experts from the EFL member community, active in new construction and renovations. The aim of the group is to jointly work towards sustainable and affordable solutions for construction and learn from innovative construction methods like circular construction, bio materials and other energy saving techniques. Exchange of knowledge and project related work is at the core. The group adopts expertise from EFL connected universities like the TU München, TU Delft or the Italian Casa Clima Institute and transfers it to practical solutions.


  • Sustainable construction
  • Renewable Energy Installations
  • Energy efficient materials
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Construction in wood
  • Modular construction
  • EU policies and funding

TG Activities/Projects:

  • Annual 2 day on site meeting
  • Development of benchmarking reports
  • Periodic webinars with experts from the construction industry

Link to the Topic Group Folder:

Topic Group Leaders:  Fabien Lasserre (Vilogia, Lille) and Thomas Schulte (Gewobag, Berlin)

Fabien completed his Master of science in building engineering in Compiegne (France) in 2003.

Fabien began his career as a real estate project manager for several years, working for real estate companies. Then he worked as a consultant on real estate projects with high environmental impact (housing projects, BREEAM and LEED certifications for offices, shopping centers and logistics warehouses) in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. After these professional experiences, Fabien was in charge of the environmental impact strategy for real estate projects for the French Postal Service Company (4,000 buildings managed, projects in France and the Caribbean).

He joined Vilogia in 2015 to create the technical innovation department. In this position, he developed 20 PassivHaus-certified projects, 5 EnergieSprong projects and with his team he tested several digital tools (AI-assisted design, big data for property management, 3D printing, connected housing, off-site construction). He is also involved in drafting the company’s low-carbon strategy and developing renewable energies.

Vilogia manages over 80,000 homes across France, builds 2,000 homes a year and renovates 1,800 homes a year.

Efl topic group leader fabien lasserre

Fabien Lasserre


Thorsten completed his architecture studies in Aachen in 2000.

Afterwards he has accompanied 9 years as a project manager in the construction management of various projects. For example, the animal shelter Berlin, various hospitals and the State Opera Berlin.

Afterwards Thorsten managed the office of ARCADIS Berlin for 9 years. The settlement of the Gigafaktory of Tesla in Berlin/Grünheide was his last big project in project management for ARCADIS.

Since 2021 he is responsible for project developments of housing and quarters for GEWOBAG as Managing Director. Approximately 9,500 apartments are to be built for GEWOBAG in Berlin over the next few years.

Efl topic group leader thorsten schulte

Thorsten Schulte

Gewobag EB