WEBINAR: step by step towards reducing CO2-emissions in your housing stock

18may11:0012:00WEBINAR: step by step towards reducing CO2-emissions in your housing stockNext steps for cooperation between EFL members

Event Details

This webinar is a repeated session of the meeting which took place on 25th of April, for EFL members which were not available to attend. 

In this webinar, TG leader Hendrik Cornehl will present the next steps within the Topic Group Finance and Investment for EFL members wanting to get involved around the topic of decarbonisation. In the upcoming months, the Finance Topic Group is going to focus strongly on this topic, which will remain the one central topic for the housing sector for the next 10-20 years. In the next few months, Topic Group members will explore the different steps towards the decarbonisation of their housing stock: generating the right data, interpreting the data, formulating valid decarbonization strategies and challenging the bankability of the investments scheduled along the decarbonisation roadmap. 

All interested EFL members are welcome to join the meeting in order to learn about options for collaborative work within the Finance and Investment TG in the upcoming months.


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Event has already taken place!


18 May 2022 11:00 - 12:00(GMT+02:00)