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07sep11:0012:00Webinar Affordable TransformationPotential Strategies for an Affordable Decarbonization of the Building Stock

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It is increasingly apparent that, as a result of the complexity in construction and building operation, the goals in terms of climate targets and user comfort are often not achieved. This difference is called performance gap. The TUM research project “Einfach Bauen” (“Build simple”) tried to address this issue, emphasizing a construction method that reduces complexity. The results showed, that a passive, user-controlled systems lead to more robust buildings. They thus increase user satisfaction and reduce or even avoid a performance gap. A new research project (“Einfach Umbauen”) deals with the decarbonization of the existing stock. Based on the findings of “Einfach Bauen” the project aims to develop “minimally invasive” and cost effective renovation strategies, which is in contrast to the publicly funded strategies, which aim to maximize energy efficiency.


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7 September 2023 11:00 - 12:00(GMT+02:00)