Lesson 1: How to be an effective online chair

One thing is clear – online meetings are not just the same as gathering round a table but transplanted to Zoom.  They have a different rhythm, new disciplines, and different outcomes. The art of chairing online demands new techniques and skills, while participants must develop new behaviours.    

In this session, James Tickell, founding Partner at Campbell Tickell answers the following 10 questions to help chairs become more effective in online space:

  1. What are the key changes to the chair’s role now meetings are conducted online?
  2. What opportunities does chairing a virtual meeting give that a face-to-face meeting does not?  And what are the disadvantages?
  3. What support does a chair need to do a meeting online?
  4. What can the chair do before, during and after the meeting to ensure it is an effective and engaging? 
  5. How do you create the right virtual environment where often ‘quiet’ members of the meeting feel confident to share their views? 
  6. What do chairs need to keep in mind when using technology to conduct virtual meetings?
  7. What common mistakes do chairs encounter during virtual meetings, and what can they do to rectify these?
  8. How should a chair assess whether their virtual meetings have been going well and what process should they follow when trying to improve? 
  9. How do you think the roll out of the vaccine will impact on running board meetings over the next year? How should chairs manage this period of transition?
  10. Lastly, what top 3 things should a chair take into consideration when chairing a virtual meeting? 

This session is aimed at chairs, and others who chair committees, panels or other meetings.For any queries on this session, feel free to contact: james.tickell@campbelltickell.com