In this interview, John Hannigan – CEO of Circle Voluntary Housing Association and Vice-Chair of Housing Alliance, is interviewed by Gerard van Bortel – Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology, concerning the Housing Alliance and Circle VHA.  Below you will find the video interview, and the topics that are discussed are explained under the video.

The lesson topics will grant you access to more in-depth information: the full interview summary, and an extensive study of the background of social housing in Ireland and the current climate.

Discussed topics

To start off, Circle VHA and the Housing Alliance are briefly discussed to set the context. It is important here to note that Circle VHA is part of the Housing Alliance, alongside five other social housing companies. 

Next off, the Housing Alliance is discussed more in-depth. The Housing Alliance works as a company limited by guarantee, led by a board of directors. The key objective of the Housing Alliance is to remove the barrier to social and affordable housing. This objective is stimulated through knowledge sharing and special peer groups. The benefits of the Housing Alliance come to light in this section. This is also in regard to recent (policy) changes in the building sector in Ireland. 

Lastly, Circle VHA is discussed. Circle VHA is a registered charity and works as a company limited by guarantee. A voluntary board of professionals governs the company. This board is supported by several committees and an executive team. Circle VHA works with professional companies to be able to cater to possible special needs of their tenants. They offer a wide range of services, from mental health to domestic violence support. 

This educational interview was made in collaboration between EFL (European Federation for Living), Delft University of Technology, Circle Voluntary Housing Association, and Housing Alliance. Special thanks to John Hannigan, Gerard van Bortel, Anita Blessing, Ben Pluijmen, Joost Nieuwenhuijzen, Dylan Besten and Lisa Kappers.