Learning from EFL-members Circle VHA, Radius Housing, Vilogia and PolyLogis

Welcome to the course page of the Mergers and Alliances course. This course brings you in-depth interviews exploring the different natures of both mergers and alliances. We delve deep into the practices of different social housing companies around Europe – from Northern Ireland to France. The course focuses on the governance aspects of mergers, post-merger integration, and strategic alliances. The interviews also explore the regulatory and governance context of the social housing providers.

This course has been developed by EFL, in collaboration with Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture’s Management in the Built Environment (MBE) department.

The first lesson of this course contains an interview with John Hannigan, CEO of Circle Voluntary Housing Associations and vice-chair of the Housing Alliance, a collaboration of six of Ireland’s largest Approved Housing Bodies (AHB’s). The second lesson contains an interview with John McLean, Chief Executive of Radius Housing. The third lesson’s interview is with Audrey Linkenheld as Director of partnerships and innovation, and Eric Danesse as responsible for innovation through design and international relationships. Lastly, the fourth lesson is an interview with Agnes Hugot, Executive Committee member of Group Polylogis and deputy CEO of LogisRep.

Each lesson is based on one interview, as described above. This interview is shown with subtitles and is supported by a summary of the interview, a report about the background of the social housing in the country in which the housing association is active, and a governance structure figure.

The last lesson contains a presentation about the course as a whole and gives a great overview of all the participating housing associations and their key information.

The graph below shows an overview of all the key points of each organisation of this course. Specific details of each organisation will be discussed in more detail in each interview.