In this interview, Audrey Linkenheld as Director of partnerships and innovation, and Eric Danesse as responsible for innovation through design and international relationships, are interviewed by Gerard van Bortel – Assistant Professor at the Delft University of Technology. They will give an insight in how Vilogia uses alliances and mergers in its operations.  Below you will find the video interview, and the topics that are discussed are explained under the video.

The lesson topics will grant you access to more in-depth information: the full interview summary, and an extensive study of the background of social housing in Ireland and the current climate.

Discussed topics

Starting off, the governance structure of Vilogia is discussed. The company has a private nature with voluntary shareholding. These shareholders are important and an essential component for Vilogia. The company is governed by a directory board and advisory board. Tenants are represented within the advisory board. 

The interview then moves on the topic of collaborations. Vilogia works together with other companies in ways of developing projects together, economic interest groups (of which they are involved in multiple), and direct collaboration. Direct collaboration can generate new stakeholders for the company. 

All these collaborations bring about different benefits. For example, when working together to develop new housing, it is possible to attain materials for a better price – and create economies of scale. With collaborations there are also combined means of the companies to tackle social and/or economical problems. The interview then touches the subject of having collaborations to attract new staff. Vilogia is part of an educational program, which allows apprentices to get to know the company and later start a job. 

Lastly, Vilogia shares their secret to develop such a large amount of new housing each year. A lot of new dwellings are bought from developers, as these developers are obliged by law to develop social housing. This creates a chance for new alliances and new dwellings. 

This educational interview was made in collaboration between EFL (European Federation for Living), Delft University of Technology, and Vilogia. Special thanks to Audrey Linkenheld, Eric Danesse, Gerard van Bortel, Anita Blessing, Ben Pluijmen, Joost Nieuwenhuijzen, Dylan Besten and Lisa Kappers.