In this interview, Agnes Hugot, Executive Committee member of Group Polylogis and deputy CEO of LogisRep, is interviewed by Gerard van Bortel – Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology, concerning the Housing Alliance and Circle VHA. Below you will find the video interview, and the topics that are discussed are explained under the video.

The lesson topics will grant you access to more in-depth information: the full interview summary, and an extensive study of the background of social housing in France and the current climate. 

The first topic is the structure of Polylogis. Agnes Hugot tells about the size, the worth of Polylogis and their portfolio. A characteristic of their portfolio is that it is separated between social housing and more private-natured management of other social housing dwellings. After this, the exponential growth of Polylogis since 2015 is discussed. This growth was pushed by the French ELAN law, and a bit of background information about this law is given. 

Polylogis’ financial structure is defined by different streams. For example, one is the Livret-A fund from the sovereign bank, another the RSL lax, and another sponsored money from e.g. a local state government, bank or partner. 

The social housing association has different future challenges, which are a strategic portfolio change for their older stock, innovation in IT, talent acquisition which aligns with the needs of the younger generation, and the offering of new services to tenants. 

Lastly, the governance structure is discussed. The holding company of Polylogis is LogiRep. This holding company has a two-tier board; there is a management board that runs the company, and a supervisory board that looks at strategies and maintains the company mission. The future of Polylogis will be full of innovation, while this mission stays intact. 

This educational interview was made in collaboration between EFL (European Federation for Living), Delft University of Technology, and Polylogis. Special thanks to Agnes Hugot, Gerard van Bortel, Anita Blessing, Ben Pluijmen, Joost Nieuwenhuijzen, Dylan Besten and Lisa Kappers.